Update one

March 24, 2010 at 12:11 pm (africa, Uncategorized)


I’m not sure what to write…  I landed in Accra and was taken straight to a hotel, then on Saturday we met Mburu at the airport and had a meal. We left at 4:30am on Sunday to get to Tamale, in order to miss the traffic.. which worked! It is really dusty here at the moment, as the sands from the Sahara have been unusually blown into the north of the country. I am told it will be much hotter than this without the dust!

All along the way north there were people selling things by the road.. we bought a whole load of plantain to fill the back of the car.. and there were so many potholes that the driver was trying to miss at 130km/hr.

My house in Tamale is known as the Shilmintinga house (house of the white people), it is in the Jusanayili area, and we have chickens, a kitten and loads of wild lizards. At the moment I am living with two dutch girls and a Ghanaian footballer, who are really nice and helpful. There aren’t as many spiders as i was expecting, thank god.

Monday and Tuesday was spent on a workshop with RAINS, my task was to take photos, film and notes.. and I had to facilitate a session too, which was pretty scary for my first day. Monday was in Tamale, but Tuesday we went to Zosali village to meet a community. I remembered to do the correct greeting for a chief, luckily, haha. After we were given a seed of some sort to eat, we listened to the chief talk about farming and change, and then we listened to all the women farmers talk about crops and climate change and how machines and GM crop varieties have affected them. Then we had lunch, which felt odd as all the children were watching us.. I couldn’t manage mine (Jollof with goat) and it seemed to be ok to give it to them, so I gave it to a child who thought I looked really strange. We listened then to a spiritual leader in the village talk about climate change and sacrificing animals to the gods. After that the drummers started drumming and the women started dancing and the whole village joined in it seemed! I was too much of a coward to join in, but another girl from canada did and the women in the village thought it was really funny, haha.

So today I have started in the RAINS office, I should be doing work now, but Ghanaian time is way more relaxed… and I haven’t properly had internet yet. My ‘office’ is a big octagon shaped room with 5 wooden desks in .. and thats all!

I am enjoying the heat, especially with a cold shower in the morning! and the food, I really like the food so far.. especially fufu which you eat with your hands. Im finding it difficult to get used to all the attention in the streets though, and people wanting to know where I live etc.. I am looking forward to being confident here and knowing what to do with myself!

My god, 510 words, I better stop! Catch you later xx

Rabi from RAINS and a Zosali farmer


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Last day in the UK!

March 19, 2010 at 9:44 am (africa)

This is so indulgent.. I want to apologise for this blog before I get started, and I promise that I will write only the really really interesting things!

For example: … Im pretty nervous right now, last day in london, waiting to go for breakfast with Louise.. I really want a bacon butty.

Next update probably from Tamale! haha awesome


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First post

March 11, 2010 at 11:02 pm (africa, Uncategorized)

So, I’m off to Ghana in 7 days …!! I’m going to do some kind of documenting of my trip on here. I’ve never blogged before, but I figure that this way you can either read it or not read it! It won’t clutter anyones inbox etc..

Perhaps I will put down what I am expecting to be doing there: I’m going to spend a few months, perhaps 6, working alongside a local NGO called RAINS, in Tamale, who are a partner of the Gaia Foundation where I did an internship last year. I will be doing ‘communications’ work; making better links between RAINS and Gaia so that each benefit from the material I produce for fundraising and increasing awareness about the issues they are dealing with.

I will be getting to know the local communities, and the organisation, writing stories and taking photographs. As well as providing technological help if I can, in the RAINS office. I might also work with a local secondary school for girls.

I have been learning the language spoken in Northern Ghana; Dagbani over the past few months, and getting myself organised for being out there. So I’m almost ready! ….. oh my god!!

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