When I found some cheese

June 13, 2010 at 9:42 pm (Uncategorized)

The ocean at Accra!

Nearly 3 months since I stepped off the plane in Accra, thinking what the hell am I doing I am crazy, and I am now moving to a small village to stay for 4 weeks living on only TZ, speaking mostly dagbani, and learning how to farm!

Tomorrow I will be moving out to Zoosali and living in the Chief’s palace to really get an insight into the life of a woman farmer here in Northern Ghana; their farming techniques and the change they are experiencing due to climate changes and ‘modernisation’. As well as this I will be taking some photos for possible publication on the BBC website!! They said they would be interested in a photo story on women farmers here! Im really looking forward to trying to get some good photographs.

Since my last post I have been to Bidima on a 2.5 hour motorbike trip, my ass was so numb.. I tried to drive the bike again, but this time I wasn’t quite ready for the big main road and we fell off! Me, Lange and a few yams all fell to the ground after Id managed to get the bike from standing but couldn’t then keep it upright! haha. Thank god the bike was fine, and I only grazed my elbow.. and Lange was fine too. It was on our way back from Bidima that I found some cheese!! Wagashee; fried cheese.. so good.

Last week I went to Accra to attend a workshop about faith and agriculture.. it was very interesting, and it was great to get out, see a bit more of the country. Driving south there are more and more greener/bigger trees; banana trees, watermelon trees, big mango trees.. and really really tall trees that tower over the rest, and mountains, and rocks!! and then nestled in between the trees you pass lots of villages with mud/thatch buildings that blend into the colour of the soil (apart from those buildings painted by vodafone or MTN) and their fires from their big cooking pots are burning. It was beautiful..

In Accra I got stuck walking in a massive torrential rainstorm on an adventure to see the sea! We certainly saw the sea, and when we got back to the hotel it was like we had swam in the sea with our clothes on, ridiculously wet, and my cheap camera got ruined! The traffic in Accra was incredible, SO many cars and some of the roads are destroyed by the rains making them really muddy, it was an exciting ride. I learnt alot about Islam on the 9/10 hour drive up and down the country talking to the other rains staff in the car!

I want to write more, but it’s late, and I have been awake since 4am due to the god damn cockrel! and I need to pack for tomorrow.. I will have lots to say from Zoosali Im sure!


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